Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs) from KETEK are novel solid-state silicon detectors with single photon counting capability. SiPMs excel in many applications and feature high gain with very low temperature drift, extremely good timing performance at a low operating voltage. They are also insensitive to magnetic fields and stand out with their mechanical robustness. KETEK provides cost-effective solutions from high volume applications to customized detector solutions.


  • Single photon resolution
  • High photon detection efficiency
  • High gain and high signal to noise ratio
  • Very compact devices
  • Low bias voltage
  • Insensitive to magnetic fields
  • Short recovery time
  • Superior time resolution
  • Counting and CW measurements
  • Simple calibration and monitoring
  • Not damaged by day light
  • Low costs

SiPM PRODUCTS — SiPM products from KETEK are key to high-sensitive and ultra-fast light detection. From single sensors to complex and customized detectors, KETEK supports you with innotive and cost-saving solutions.

ELECTRONICS & SYSTEMS — KETEK’s easy-to-use evaluation kits and OEM multichannel readout electronics are key to effectively focus your ressources and to expedite your developments.