Easy-to-use evaluation kits and OEM multichannel readout electronics.

SiPMs are a relatively new technology and KETEK supports newcomers who make their first experiences and measurements with SiPMs up to OEM customers who need a detector with thousands of channels per system incl. electronics. With SiPM Single-Channel Evaluation Kits up to Multi-Channel-Read-Out and Acquisition Systems KETEK is the one-stop supplier to minimize your setup and development time.

The KETEK SiPM Evaluation Kits allow an easy operation and evaluation of any KETEK SiPM. It can be used for a wide range of applications which require e. g. single photon counting or measurements with scintillators.

SiPM based imaging applications require highly integrated multichannel readout electronics.
Together with PETsys Electronics we can provide detectors systems with excellent performance and low cost.